Explainer video

Services, sales strategies for new products and the processes for creating them are a frequent subject of various advertising animations. Not always effective, when an excess of information and images and the structure of the message obscures the right objective: to reach the customer and awaken his interest.

So how do you present often complex issues in a way that is clear to everyone? Explainer video – a short, matter-of-fact narrative, an engaging storyline and original but often simple graphics. Simple, but pleasing to the eye and easy to understand, like one of our explainers made for the FLOYX portal.

Our experience in this area and the films we have produced show that it only takes a few tens of seconds to capture a potential viewer’s attention even to the ingredients of a product, an instruction manual or to understand a more complex idea.

Explaining, explaining, conveying content and imagery in such a way as to make the whole explainer video interesting and convincing is not our only goal, as the appeal of the video should:

  • keep viewers on your website or on social media at least twice as long as before,
  • induce purchase,
  • significantly increase the number of conversions,
  • improve SEO search position.