Large companies need materials that present the scope of their activities in a reliable way. Today, for most consumers, the primary medium is the Internet or television. Before buying a product or service, a company’s online presence is most often analysed. It is not only the opinions of other customers that are important, but also the history of its founding, the way it operates and even its current development potential.

In addition, a corporate film will make it easier to work during various conferences or business meetings. Instead of a boring and repetitive multimedia presentation, you can surprise your audience with a several-minute film that tells the story of your company’s activities. Thanks to this innovative approach, you are sure to gain a lot in the eyes of clients, as well as potential investors or colleagues.

At our studio, we have been professionally producing corporate films for years. We strive to make each image film unique and present a different – engaging story. Our videos can be successfully used as a video showcase on a website, an advertisement during trade fairs, conferences or other business meetings. This is a creative way of arousing the audience’s interest in a modern form. The most important information about the company can then be presented in a short period of time. In addition, appropriately selected images and sound enhance the reception of corporate videos.  An example? Of course. Below is a corporate film made for AMICA.

What is a corporate film?

The corporate videos created in our studio help companies to significantly increase their revenues. Thanks to this type of video material, companies appear more credible and customers are more likely to use their services. Corporate videos are a very broad concept and can cover a variety of scopes. At How How we create, among other things:

  1. promotional corporate films – such messages take the form of short advertising spots, the aim of which is to present the client’s potential and possibilities; the material will include all the elements of the activity that distinguish the company from its competitors;
  2. image and corporate films – these are materials that are most often created for business meetings with potential clients and partners, they broadly present the range of products and services available, the aim of image films is to show the size/strength of the company;
  3. employer branding videos – these are videos designed to attract potential employees, i.e. people interested in working for a particular company – friendly, engaging corporate material will encourage them to work for your company.

Effective corporate films

Nowadays, communication with the consumer relies mainly on mutual online contact. Often, before a potential customer makes use of your services, he or she will first check information about you online. It is therefore a good idea to present this information in a condensed but interesting way for the recipient.

To create an effective and impressive corporate film, we need to understand your needs and requirements in depth. Substantive knowledge of how your company operates will allow us to develop the script reliably and thus create a production based on real images. What does the corporate film production process look like?

  • pre-production – we create a detailed script and prepare the materials for the project: appropriate equipment, set design, actors;
  • film production – making a corporate film in the presence of the company owner or employees and incorporating their comments on an ongoing basis;
  • post-production – the work of editing specialists who take care to add elements that enhance the positive reception of the film.


Creating a good corporate film is a huge challenge every time. We strive to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the execution and our cooperation. Producing corporate films is a complex undertaking. It requires a lot of work and the help of many specialists – including actors, editors, set designers and sound engineers. Our team consists of people who know their job and know how to exploit the potential of their knowledge and equipment. By choosing to work with How How, you are putting the image of your company in the best – safe hands. We will create what you need, in the shortest possible time and taking your comments completely into account.

What are the distinctive features of the corporate films produced in how how?

You can rest assured that your film will be produced by the best professionals on the market! What do we take into account during production?

  • Target audience – tailoring the video to the potential audience – you need to know who you are targeting with the video: customers, employees or partners, as this will allow you to create a specific and understandable message.
  • A good corporate video must not be ‘over-played’ – it should focus on presenting specific, reliable information, and sometimes it is worthwhile to keep things understated, which will compel the viewer to take certain actions.
  • Emotions – a corporate video should evoke positive emotions and associations with the company in the viewer – emotions significantly influence important decisions in life.
  • Action – the purpose of a corporate video is to get the viewer to perform an appropriate action – concretised in the content of the material.