Product videos

Are you interested in a short and effective message that attracts the attention of potential customers? These are product videos – one type of advertising in which the thing being sold plays a key role. Today’s technological developments make it possible to create unique, creative images that instantly attract the customer’s attention. Videos provide a simple and interesting way of presenting each item in detail, including its details, the way it works or its specific features.


We will be happy to create a product film for you in 2 or 3-dimensional animations or enrich it with additional elements – graphics or text. Interactive packshots, based on a 360-degree view, are also very popular, allowing us to show things from all sides. Such visualisations are extremely interesting, interesting and very effective for the recipients and therefore allow excellent results to be achieved.


Product videos make the customer perceive the presented goods as if they were holding them in their hands themselves. He notices every detail, the smallest detail, design, rich colours, elegance and many other values that you, as an entrepreneur, want to show him. High-quality product videos also allow you to build a positive corporate image. The customer feels that your company is trustworthy, while your product range is from the top shelf. This makes you stand out significantly from the competition and increases sales. You can be sure that the animation created by us will not disappear in the clutter of other advertisements.

Product videos – production

Would you like to know what the process of making product films looks like at our How How studio? Consultation with the client is very important to us. We treat each order individually, we do not use ready-made patterns or schemes, but try to find the best, most effective solution for you. We pay a lot of attention to developing the profile of the advertising film’s audience, creating a script, adjusting the sound, colour or content, choosing the voiceover, the place where the product is presented (studio, hall, etc.). We fine-tune every detail of the realisation so that the final result is stunning.


Presenting a product in the form of a video is not surprising nowadays. On the contrary, this method is increasingly being used online – on websites, social networks and services. Product videos are of great promotional value, allowing the most important qualities of a product to be presented in a succinct, comprehensive manner. It is a cost-effective form of communication that is certainly worth investing in. You can be sure that a properly created promotional video will bring your company spectacular benefits – it will increase sales, influence profits, strengthen brand recognition and help build trust with your audience. It is not a well-known fact that the brain processes images much faster than content. So instead of describing what your product is and why it’s worth having it – rely on a video message. You can be sure that it will reach your audience much faster and be remembered by them for longer. The technological possibilities are endless nowadays, so it is worth using them in the advertising process.

How How – for whom we create?

We are not afraid of challenges; on the contrary, we will take on even the most difficult tasks. Therefore, if you are looking for an experienced company employing only qualified specialists to create a breathtaking product film for you – you have come to the right place. We do not rely on off-the-shelf solutions, as there is no one-size-fits-all message that will always work. That’s why, when we embark on an assignment, we always place great importance on getting to know your brand and its audience, which allows us to create the right film message. Don’t wait, contact us now and let us help you grow your business. We look forward to hearing from you.