We have extensive experience in the creation of professional advertising films. Over the years, we have gained an ever-growing circle of satisfied clients who regularly use our services. This is the best proof that the messages produced by How How are of the highest quality! The task of a well-executed promotional video is to present to consumers the unique characteristics of both the brand itself and its products or services. The material should persuade the consumer to perform a specific behaviour, e.g. to make a purchase, register or subscribe to a newsletter.

According to current trends, if you do not promote yourself on the Internet or television – your company is invisible to potential customers. These days, these are the two primary forms of contact with consumers and the only way to convince them to use your services. Traditional ways of advertising are already so popular and ubiquitous that they are not exceptionally visible to the customer. Posters, flags, flyers or brochures may be available to everyone, but not everyone has the courage to make their own promotional video. You can include in it all the most important information you want to convey to your audience.

Our studio is staffed by professionals who know the industry and the prevailing trends very well. We create catchy advertising campaigns that stay in consumers’ minds for a long time!

Original advertising campaigns

The script for a company’s promotional film is one of the most important elements of our work. Before producing it, we prepare thoroughly in terms of content. We don’t just want to show a ‘cool’ advert, but above all interesting and relevant content. It is important to remember that any attempt to deceive customers is not a good idea. You must not tell untrue things about yourself, because a lie will always come to light and regaining lost trust is often no longer possible. We are committed to getting to know your company and its offerings in depth. This is the only way for us to promote it effectively!

Knowledge and interesting ideas are one thing; technical development is another. We have a professionally equipped studio with state-of-the-art equipment, so we are able to produce even the most complex productions.

Advertising spots

The current fashion for modern marketing shows that brands wishing to stand out from the competition should use innovative solutions. Promotional videos can significantly raise interest in a particular company, which then becomes more recognisable and visible in everyday life. This can prove to be the most effective form of advertising if the video is done skilfully.

An original idea is then worth its weight in gold! A good video must reach its audience, get them interested and then make them take a specific action. Every promotional video should be based on a well-thought-out concept designed to fulfil a specific purpose. What do we do that makes our advertising spots stand out from the competition?

  • we spend a lot of time getting to know your expectations and possibilities – we also analyse the available budget in order to match the solution to a specific price,
  • we analyse your competitors on the market, their potential and, most importantly, the audience for your services or products,
  • on this basis, we create a design that meets all these requirements,
  • we proceed with conscientious filmmaking.

Promotional videos

With many years of experience in the industry, we know exactly how to reach your audience effectively. We know the tactics that effectively stimulate the consumer to a specific action. A promotional video must be aesthetically pleasing, yet simple and full of specifics. In addition, it is important to maintain authenticity and a non-stereotypical approach to advertising. Today’s customers expect truth and creativity from us!

What is the process of making a promotional film in our company?

  1. Analysis of the brief provided by the client and creation of an advertising audience profile on this basis.
  2. Specifying how and for what purposes the film may be used – defining the field of exploitation.
  3. Treatment – initial production concept and presentation to the client.
  4. Implementation of any modifications proposed by the customer
  5. Creation of a target scenario.
  6. The creation of drawings for imaginary scenes.
  7. Carry out casting to find suitable actors.
  8. Finding a suitable location for filming.
  9. Working on set – making the pictures.
  10. Pre-editing of the film and consultation of the results with the client.
  11. Introducing the film with sound.
  12. Handing over the material to the client or making it available – depends on prior arrangements.

An effective promotional video should evoke emotions in the viewer. It is important that the advertising spot evokes positive, friendly associations with a particular company. Emotions constantly accompany man and are often the driving force behind decision-making. If a promotional video arouses curiosity and interest in the consumer – it is highly likely that he or she will choose your services.