Here you will find sample realisations of advertising animations. Our portfolio covers a wide range of productions – from corporate films or advertising spots to 2D and 3D animations for major brands. We have already completed hundreds of assignments. Check out the films we create!

Why invest
in video marketing?

Video marketing is currently one of the most popular ways to advertise companies. Animated videos strongly influence the subconscious of the viewer, evoking different emotions, encouraging them to make a particular decision or even shaping their thinking and perception of the world. Corporate advertising animations are accessible and easy to remember.

Such a production is a source of easy-to-assimilate knowledge. It helps to effectively build brand image. However, films for companies in animated version must meet a few basic assumptions in order to interest the viewer. Find out how a team from Poland makes them! Creating films is our passion!

What should animated
advertising spots for companies?

Not all advertising spots will interest potential customers. To do so, they should, above all, be short and condensed. Information overload is not advisable.

Animations should have a specific form, i.e. be tailored to the audience. Children like cartoonish, colourful characters and simple messages in videos. A person who wants to buy shampoo is interested in its effects. And the elderly like to see other seniors becoming more cheerful after doing something.

Creating animations involves taking into account the needs of the specific target group of advertising films. This is what our How To team offers. We encourage you to take a look at the productions. Please note – we only realise interesting projects!