What is 2D animation about?

For many people, 2D animation is mainly associated with cartoons. However, for several decades it has also been used for advertising content. There do not always have to be specific characters in such videos. It is simply an image that is set in motion and has not been recorded by a camera, but created by animators. The creation of animated productions takes into account moving subtitles as well as other flat elements that are not spatial, as in the case of 3D films.

Why invest in an animated
promotional video?

Many people think animations are expensive to create – this is not true. They can be a big money saver for many companies because it takes more people, props or space to make a film with real actors. This in turn generates more expenditure. 2D technology also offers the advantage of being able to convey key issues, which would be difficult in a realistic version. This includes, for example, the construction of any machine. Through animated films, difficult issues can be presented!

Another advantage that advertising animations have is that they boost the sales of not only large but also small companies. They accurately depict a specific product and attract the viewer’s attention. The effect depends, of course, on the skill of the animator himself and what colours, means of persuasion and types of graphics he chooses.

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