The use of 3D art when creating advertising animations offers almost unlimited possibilities. It allows creative ideas to be realised. It is the ideal plan for creating productions for companies that want to increase sales or simply widen their audience. We have been creating animated films for many years.

Where is 3D animation useful?

Advertising animation is most commonly used for:

  • architectural visualisations – such videos are created as early as the design stage of a building so that the client can be shown what it will look like,
  • interiors – a great tool for designing specific rooms (office, living room, bathroom, etc.),
  • products – animated videos for companies make it possible to present a particular item even better than in reality, especially if its construction is complex.

Key benefits of 3D animation for advertising films

Thanks to 3D technology, it is possible to achieve effects that are very often impossible to achieve in reality. Animated promotional videos make a product more attractive, especially as it can be viewed from all sides in a short period of time. Such videos are a great way to present the most important advantages, functions and also the design of a specific product.

Three-dimensional animation helps to transport the viewer to a completely different place. 3D animated film shows difficult mechanisms in a way that is accessible and comprehensible to the viewer. Companies in business or industry are very keen to use these productions. 3D films are a symbol of modernity and innovation, so regardless of the industry, it is worth considering this form of advertising. How How – animation is our passion!